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News and Announcements

News and Announcements

America's Top Public University Has a Major Sexual-Harassment Problem

Apr 20, 2016 / Media Coverage
When news broke last month that the dean of the University of California-Berkeley School of Law was being sued by his assistant for sexual harassment, faculty and students weren't the only ones caught by surprise—so was the president of the University of California system, Janet Napolitano. "I know you appreciate my level of concern about this situation, and my unhappiness in learning about it through the media," Napolitano wrote to UC-Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks. Within two days, the dean, Sujit Choudhry, had resigned. Eight months had passed since the university had found that he...
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Minor Punishment Against Sexual Harassment Eventually Forces Berkeley UC Provost To Resign

Apr 19, 2016 / Media Coverage
Claude Steele, executive vice chancellor and provost in The University of California (UC) in Berkeley has announced resignation from his administrative positions on Friday. He has held the administrative positions for the last two years and cited personal grounds as reason behind his resignation. The resignation appears during a turbulent period following criticisms against him and other top administrators of UC in handling a widening sexual harassment scandal. An interim successor for Mr. Steele will be named shortly, reports The New York Times, quoting Dan Mogulof, a spokesman for the...
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UC Berkeley documents show history of sexual harassment violations

Apr 8, 2016 / Media Coverage
Nineteen employees – including six faculty members – at the University of California at Berkeley have violated the school’s sexual harassment policy since 2011, according to detailed public records released amid an outcry over how the school has handled claims of sexual harassment. Add assistant men’s basketball coach Yann Hufnagel’s sudden resignation Thursday to the list, and 12 of the accused have been fired or resigned. The misconduct cases, 17 in total, range from former Law School Dean Sujit Choudhry’s, who is charged with repeatedly kissing, hugging and rubbing the arms of a former...
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Columbia Professor Files Sexual Harassment Suit Against University

Mar 23, 2016 / Media Coverage
Enrichetta Ravina thought the professor was her mentor, helping her get access to an invaluable trove of data for her research into how workers allocate their retirement savings. It was scholarship, she believed, that could help her earn tenure at Columbia Business School. But then, she said, the comments started. The professor told her about watching pornography and his sexual exploits, she said. He started making advances toward her, calling her “sexy.” And, she said, he had the ability to have that crucial data set taken away. In a lawsuit against the university filed on Tuesday in Federal...
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Why So Many Victims of Sexual Harassment Stay Silent, Still

Jan 4, 2013 / Media Coverage
Two decades after Anita Hill's testimony against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, women are still punished for confronting their harassers. I'm a lawyer, a long-time practitioner of employment discrimination law, and a partner at Outten and Golden LLP in New York City. I guess I am what some people disparage by calling a "slick lawyer," a way to put down those who are passionate about justice. The work is hard and in Anita Hill's day even more so than today, claimants were so far ahead of the times that they were often unsuccessful in their legal claims. The law was so inhospitable in...
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