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News and Announcements

Gretchen Carlson: How to Encourage More Women to Report Sexual Harassment

Oct 10, 2017 / Media Coverage
Another day, another set of headlines about a powerful man who sexually harassed women for decades, without any repercussions besides writing checks to keep his victims quiet. The accusations against Harvey Weinstein are dreadful, but the pace at which similar stories have emerged recently is mind-numbing. From Susan Fowler’s essay about her experiences at Uber to Taylor Swift’s testimony about a former radio host to Ashley Judd’s account of encounters with Mr. Weinstein, the floodgates have opened on sexual-harassment revelations. Heads up, predators. The story isn’t just that Mr. Weinstein...
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Decades of Sexual Harassment Accusations Against Harvey Weinstein

Oct 5, 2017 / Media Coverage
Two decades ago, the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein invited Ashley Judd to the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel for what the young actress expected to be a business breakfast meeting. Instead, he had her sent up to his room, where he appeared in a bathrobe and asked if he could give her a massage or she could watch him shower, she recalled in an interview. “How do I get out of the room as fast as possible without alienating Harvey Weinstein?” Ms. Judd said she remembers thinking. In 2014, Mr. Weinstein invited Emily Nestor, who had worked just one day as a temporary employee, to the same...
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When Male Unemployment Rates Rise, So Do Sexual Harassment Claims

Aug 14, 2017 / Media Coverage
Despite all the mandatory trainings on sexual harassment that have taken place in American workplaces over the last two decades, the problem seems to be getting worse. Sex discrimination claims made to the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission are up about 10% in the last 20 years. Some of that is surely due to increased reporting, but some is also the result of changing gender dynamics in society. Women’s progress towards economic parity may present a threat to the way that men understand their own roles in their workplaces and in society in general, and sex discrimination is one...
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Sheryl Sandberg Says Firing Offenders of Sexual Harassment Would Stop it Happening in Future

Aug 9, 2017 / Media Coverage
Companies should have a zero-tolerance policy to sexual harassment, with offenders losing their jobs, Facebook's (fb, -0.04%) Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said Wednesday. “I think it’s great when people lose their jobs when it happens, because I think that is what will get people to not do it in the future,” Sandberg said in an interview for Bloomberg Television . “And I think this is a leadership challenge. As a leader of a company, there needs to be no tolerance for it.” Her comments come as a series of sexism scandals have rocked Silicon Valley. One of the most high profile of...
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Eric Bolling has been suspended from Fox News amid sexual harassment allegations

Aug 5, 2017 / Media Coverage
"Fox News Specialists" host Eric Bolling has been suspended from Fox News amid allegations that he sent unsolicited photos of male genitalia several years ago to at least two colleagues at Fox Business Network and at least one colleague at Fox News, Mediaite reported on Saturday. The claims were first reported by HuffPost , which cited a dozen sources. "Eric Bolling has been suspended pending the results of an investigation, which is currently underway," Fox News said in a statement emailed to Business Insider. The probe is being conducted by the law firm Paul Weiss. The women who made the...
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Disney Channel Exec Says She Was Fired for Reporting Sexual Harassment

Aug 2, 2017 / Media Coverage
A former Disney Channels Worldwide executive filed a lawsuit Wednesday alleging she was subjected to a two-year campaign of retaliation, and was ultimately fired, after reporting her boss for sexual harassment. Jocelyn McDowell, a former director of multi-platform research, says that she reported her boss, Jimmy Blackburn, for making sexist and inappropriate remarks to two other women in February 2015. Though she was told her reports would be confidential, McDowell says that Blackburn identified her as a source of the complaints and flew into a rage. According to the suit, Blackburn told her...
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Sexual Harassment Isn’t Just A Silicon Valley Problem

Jul 13, 2017 / Media Coverage
And it’s much harder for women in lower-paying industries to fight back. Silicon Valley has been rocked by scandal in recent weeks as investor after investor has resigned amid allegations of sexist behavior and harassment of women. A former Uber employee’s blog post about the company’s toxic culture caused an internal investigation that contributed to the eventual resignation of CEO Travis Kalanick and set the stage for other women in the industry to come forward about their experiences. Before the tech sector, it was the media industry that was in the sexism spotlight, as first Roger Ailes...
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Why Sexual Harassment Is More of a Problem in Venture Capital

Jul 12, 2017 / Media Coverage
The only thing that surprises me about the recent furor over sexual harassment by Silicon Valley venture capitalists is that people are surprised. We have been watching these stories go viral for a long time. When I give speeches in Silicon Valley about gender bias, I can’t tell you how many times female entrepreneurs have shared their stories with me about being treated by venture capitalists (VCs) as sexual opportunities rather than investment opportunities. It’s ironic that my whole life lately seems to be spent explaining why the college-educated elite should not dismiss the concerns of...
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Startup workers see sexual harassment on 'breathtaking' scale in Silicon Valley

Mar 1, 2017 / Media Coverage
Haana was so repulsed by what happened to her, she covered up her mirror so she wouldn’t have to look at herself. The Silicon Valley tech worker said that after drinks with startup colleagues last year, a male executive at her company put his hand up her shirt and groped her while they walked down the street. “I felt disgusted for months after that,” said Haana, who requested that the Guardian not include her full name or identify the small tech startup where she used to do marketing. “It affects me on a level that I wish it didn’t.” According to Haana, the CEO refused to fire him, and she...
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Gretchen Carlson of Fox News Files Suit Against Roger Ailes

Jul 6, 2016 / Media Coverage
Gretchen Carlson, the longtime Fox anchor, filed a lawsuit on Wednesday saying that Roger Ailes, the powerful chairman of Fox News, fired her from the network last month after she refused his sexual advances and complained to him about discriminatory treatment in the newsroom. The startling accusations immediately transfixed the world of television news, where Mr. Ailes is a hugely influential figure known for demanding absolute loyalty from his employees. A spokeswoman for Fox News did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The lawsuit — filed in Superior Court in New Jersey,...
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